eF-Fit Glam Bikinis

Email to info@trudiea.co.nzfor any quotes/orders

All Glam ef-fit Bikinis are custome made to suit your budget 

  From $150


Here she is...Meet Danny & Sandy

NZ Made Merino

Introduction Price $45

NZ Merino Made Cardys


2015 Collection nov


Fitty Shorts advert hers and his

Hey There!

We have had a few changes....

We now have introduced another line

eF-Fit Sports wear by Trudiea

A sports brand to wear at the GYM, Training, Sports days, Casual day wear.....

Check our new line out..We have more sports wear coming for Him & Her...


We are heading towards the Fit line but do not worry we will still have our Trudiea Designer Wear clothing range xx


Ef Fit Profile Photo.jpgBlue Singlet back.jpgBlue Singlet side.jpg


Spilling the beans now.....

We have introduced a new line into the Trudiea world called eF-Fit which MEANS Everyday For Fit clothing, with unique branding and designs for style and comfort in the gym/training or just out on casual days being a kool dude BUT&.do NOT panic my Fashion girls we are not ridding the Trudiea fashion Designer Line will still continue to bring out style designer wear at affordable prices which are still NZ made in Hawkes Bay. So we are now changing our name to eF-Fit by Trudiea. We have our eF-fit line coming out very soon&& along with photo-shoots and a new look&.so watch this space&&&


Cover Profile facebook.jpg


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