Online Exchange Policy:

If you decide to change your mind about your purchase we will happily exchanged your purchase within fourteen days, providing the swing tag is still attached and the garment or product is unworn and clean accompanied by the receipt of goods.


Online Returns Policy:

Our aim is to manufacture High quality Designer Wear but sometimes faults do slip through unnoticed.


In accordance to the Consumer Guarantees Act when a faulty garment is returned us followed by proof of purchase, we will consider repairing or replacing the item within a reasonable amount of time, before we choose to refund the sale.


Email: for Return details.


We do accept returned sale items for exchange unless faulty, all sales of discounted products online are final.


Shipping charges will not be refunded unless the original item is deemed as faulty.


If you have an exchange/return please contact us as soon as possible on we will email you an Online Returns/Exchange form to be completed and sent back with your purchased item.


Any items which have been purchased online that are faulty will be replaced, repaired or refunded within 10 working days of receipt of the goods.


Any items that have been purchased online that you wish to exchange will be processed within 5 working days from receipt of the goods.


If you need any further information or enquires feel free to contact us on



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