Trudiea wants your piece to last you for years to come and because we cannot control you on your everyday wear, so we put together some motherly advice on how to treat your piece so it last much longer


-Wash your clothing on the delicate cycle in the machine

-Hand wash silks and fine fabrics only do so for less than 10minutes in cold water

-Keep garments away from bleach as that turns the fabric white eating away at the colour and weakens the fabric

-Dont soak you garments it does nothing for the fabrics apart from weakening the fibers

-Dry you garments in the shade as the sun loves to fade out colours in clothing

-Dont use pegs on your most delicate fabrics they like to leave nasty marks and dents in some cases holes

-When hanging your clothes out on the line always fold them inside out to avoid the sun from lighten the fabric

-Do give abit more attention and extra care on the finer delicate or sequined fabrics

-Dryers....DONT use dryer unless you want to shrink or weaken your garments

-When spraying perfume on yourself dont spray directly on your garments as it weakens the fibers and also bleaches the colour, spray on your skin and leave to dry same goes for deodorants and lotions

-I know we like to share but dont lend your size-8 garment to your size-12 best friends as this will cause stress to the seams of the garment and pull the garment out of shape if not tear the seams and leave holes

-Don't crowd clothes in your closet, as crowding causes wrinkles, which must then be removed. Ironing them again not only wastes your time, but also adds to the wear and tear on your clothes. 







Trudieas Fabrics are all purchased in NZ through fabric reputable suppliers as for our NZ Merino we source this ourselves in a NZ Merino Factory where the merino is made, we will always stand behind manufacturing faults but we cannot be held responsible for any other damages that may occur in the fabric.

Enjoy you garment xx






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